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Announcing my new book project:


Who Will Butter My Toast?

How to Create a Handbook for Caregivers
Coming out soon!
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Learn more about it on the Butter My Toast Blog

My Story

I am the mother of Tovah and Rayna, my two amazing, adult daughters and devoted sisters. When Rayna was three, she suffered a bleed in her brain, and this changed our family’s path in life.


Because Rayna’s right side is semi-paralyzed, she requires help with many tasks. One day when she was around 10, she asked, “Mommy, who will file my nails when I am older?”


Although our family put all the appropriate securities in place for Rayna’s future, we wanted to make sure caregivers would attend to her needs the way her family does. This includes things like knowing her favorite brand of cottage cheese, or how she likes her laundry separated, or how to butter her toast.


I have written books that tell the stories of individuals and families who prevail and thrive despite unforeseen life challenges; stories that have empowered others. Now it was time for me to write our story in a way that will be helpful to other families and caregivers.

My Books

Accidental Courage, Boundless Dreams

Taking My Breath Away

My Books

Taking My Breath Away has given me hope that love is possible even when you have CF. My advice is if you know someone with CF or you want to learn more about it then read this book. 


   Lavaca, AR

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as publication date approaches, we will list our book launch events here! 

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